OB1 was founded in 2015 after a year of development on OpenBazaar by a small team in their spare time. They saw the concept of decentralized trade gain enthusiatic support in the Bitcoin community, and decided to accept venture capital funding in order to build a company and hire a development team to build OpenBazaar into something that could revolutionize ecommerce.

Our company is fully distributed with 13 team members from around the world.


Brian Hoffman
CEO, Co-founder
Brian is the CEO of OB1, and the project lead of OpenBazaar. He started OpenBazaar in April 2014, and founded OB1 nearly a year later. Brian is a developer with a background in building encryption software for managing healthcare records.
Sam Patterson
COO, Co-founder
Sam joined Brian soon after OpenBazaar started. He has helped lead the non-development aspects of the project. Sam is a writer with a background in technology policy.
Washington Sanchez
CRO, Co-founder
Washington also joined Brian soon after OpenBazaar started. He leads research into the various technical challenges OpenBazaar has faced in building a fully decentralized marketplace, such as Ricardian contracts and decentralized reputation.
Mike Wolf
UX / Design Lead
Mike started contributing to OpenBazaar in September 2014. He now leads design on OpenBazaar and OB1 projects. He has 10+ years experience in the eCommerce industry and is an early adopter in the cryptocurrency space.
Chris Pacia
Lead Backend Developer
Chris is a developer focusing on the back-end. Having built his own Bitcoin wallet and working on other crypto projects, he has a background in both Bitcoin and distributed systems.
Josh Jeffryes
Lead UI
Josh is a developer focusing on the front-end. He's a veteran of multiple startups, with a diverse background in UI Development, UX, marketing and operations.
Rob Misiorowski
Software Developer
Rob is a software developer who enjoys bringing rich and dynamic user interfaces to life. He’s very grateful to have stumbled upon the flourishing cryptocurrency space and to be able to contribute to it in some way.
Tyler Smith
Software Developer
Tyler is a full stack developer working on OpenBazaar and OB1 products. His background is split between systems software and consumer products. He loves writing open software and is interested in decentralized systems, free markets, and Bitcoin.
Jenn Cloud
Marketing & Community Manager
Jenn is a communications professional with a background in social media marketing, community development and video production. She has helped local organizations, technical startups and Fortune 500 companies define and build their communication strategies.
Mike Greenberg
Software Architect
Mike is a polyglot software developer, hardware engineer, mixed-media artist, maker advocate, and concerned futurist. Mike enjoys abstract, outside-the-box thinking and applies it generously in his projects and passions.
Austin Williams
Research & Development
Austin is a researcher and developer with a focus in game theory, mechanism design, and protocol design. He loves adversarial thinking, walking unreasonably long distances in the wilderness, and eating all the Italian food.
Monique Boediono
Design & UX
Monique is a UX designer with a background in social science research. She has worked on a variety of projects spanning multiple industries in business, tech, and academia. Her biggest passions in life are white rice and 7/11 siu mai.
Stevie Zollo
DevOps/SRE Engineer
Stevie is a DevOps/SRE engineer with a long background in infrastructure. He worked in a multitude of business verticals as a consultant - engineering and architecting. He has been going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole since 2013 and never emerged.


Union Square Ventures
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Andreessen Horowitz
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BlueYard Capital
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Digitial Currency Group
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William Mougayar
William Mougayar is a Toronto-based investor, researcher, blogger, and best-selling author of The Business Blockchain (Wiley, 2016).
A leader in the still-nascent, high-growth blockchain technology ecosystem, Bitmain supports a wide array of blockchain platforms and startups, and actively participates in industry and community development.
OMERS Ventures
OMERS Ventures is the venture capital investment arm of OMERS, one of Canada’s largest pension funds with over $95 billion in net assets. OMERS Ventures is a multi-stage investor in growth-oriented, disruptive technology companies across North America.